Corner Bakery Chicken:
has a unique taste and is to be sold by preparing this chicken strictly in accordance with the Corner Bakery recipe using the Corner Bakery ingredients and methods. 
Chicken is sold in 2 main formats:  Chicken Pieces and Chicken Wings – and both have the same Mozambican flavour profile.​

Temperature Control: 
Chicken is a high-risk product and careless handling can cause one of our customers to get food poisoning.  Note that chicken is NEVER defrosted in the open air at room temperature.  Chicken is ALWAYS defrosted in a refrigerator overnight.  In this way the chicken completely defrosts and the chilled environment keeps bacteria controlled.​

Bare Hands: 
Bare hands can be used when preparing the chicken especially when rubbing the Corner Bakery Mozambican Sauce into the chicken pieces. Needless to say, hands need to be properly washed before working with the chicken.​

Note that bare hands are only allowed in production when the product is baked or grilled at a temperature (above 72 degrees) after being touched by hands.