Game Plan Module

Game Plan Module

In every retail business there are a large number of ROUTINE that need to be performed.  If these tasks are not done, the functioning of the business will be compromised and it is critical that these tasks are therefore scheduled to be done at a certain time.

The Game Plan is the schedule of tasks that need to be actioned.  Each task listed on the Game Plan is schedule to be done either multiple times per day, daily, weekly or monthly.  The Game Plan’s objective is to show the manager of the outlet WHAT needs to be done WHEN.  The Game Plan will not address HOW it is done.  The ‘how’ needs to be trained by teaching / training the individuals on site what tools and processes need to be used/ followed in order to execute the tasks.

Game Plan Structure

The Game Plan structure is 2 dimensional:

  • Horizontal:  Along the top of the Game Plan is a ‘timeline’.  This time line indicates the time of day that tasks need to be actioned.
  • Vertical:  Along the left hand margin of the Game Plan indicates the regularity of how often the tasks need to be actioned.  More specifically, the vertical axis indicates which tasks have to be done daily, which ones weekly and which ones monthly.
  • The Body:  In the middle of the schedule is a short descriptor of each task that needs to be actioned.  Using the horizonal axis and the vertical axis, this then indicates WHAT task needs to be done WHEN and with what REGULARITY.

Using The Game Plan

The Game Plan for your store needs to be provided to you by the brand owner.  It then needs to be printed, laminated and placed on a wall in your outlet where it is easily visible for the staff to see.  The staff then need to be trained on how to use the Game Plan as well as how to use the tools and how to perform the tasks referred to by the Game Plan.  Once this is completed, they then need to be held accountable to actioning the tasks accordingly on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

You will note that there are some attachment links to this training module in the form of a PDF below.  Click on the link referring to the PDF for your brand and carry out the instructions described above so that all staff in your outlet can refer to the Game plan.

Corner Bakery    Game-Plan.pdf