Dear Student –

Retsol is pleased to welcome you onto our learning management system (LMS).  You have a username and password allocated to you.  Please save this in a safe place.

This learning experience that has been designed for you will lead you SEQUENTIALLY through 9 modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Product Range
  3. Food Manufacture
  4. Food Safety
  5. Sales & Merchandising
  6. Team Management
  7. Point Of Sale
  8. Stock Management
  9. Game Plan & Checklists

The course has been arranged in a very particular way to ensure that the learning experience is both linear and simple.

If you ever get lost, click on the ‘View Courses’ button on the top right of your screen.  If you look at the courses behind the ‘View Courses’ button, you will understand as follows.  Begin your learning with this ‘Introduction Course’ as your first module and then, when complete, you will work through the courses from the top left to bottom right.  See below the modules you will see when you click ‘View Courses’:

Some important rules:

  1. The minimum score to progress to the next quiz and module is 80%.  If there are 3 questions you will need to get 3/3 to pass that quiz.
  2. You have a maximum of 2 tries per quiz.  Ie:  You can fail a quiz only once.
  3. Failing the same quiz more than once disqualifies you from the WHOLE LEARNING EXPEREINCE until the next time the exam room opens in a few months’ time.
  4. If you fail a quiz, you may review what questions you failed and what the correct answers are before you re-write.  Take the opportunity to use this before doing a re-write.
  5. Each course passed will give you a personalised certificate.  This will remain available to you to print and laminate should you like to.

Good luck and enjoy the learning experience!

The Retsol Learning Team