The Retsol Toolbox is a ‘quick access page’ that will be a support to you running your store daily.  This link is as follows:

The Retsol Tool Box

The tools referred to and explained to you in the LMS (Learning management system) will be made available to you on 1 page.  This page will give you the links to the documents and reference material that you require to run your business.

The Retsol Tool Box is divided into the 8 retail discipline sections for you to easily find them:

  1. Product Range
  2. Food Manufacture
  3. Food Safety
  4. Sales & Merchandising
  5. Team Management
  6. Point Of Sale
  7. Stock Management
  8. Game Plan & Checklists

Remember that the Retsol Apps will not be available on the links below as these will need to be available to you and your team on their smart devices.

The Retsol Toolbox: