Merchandising is a critical discipline that needs to be instilled into every business.  Although the whole store needs to look great at all times, the merchandising discipline refers particularly to the (product) displays.  Good merchandising is a daily discipline that needs to be implemented and checked 3 times per day.  These checks must occur according to the brand standards at the times immediately prior to the breakfast, lunch and dinner day parts.

This discipline will ensure that the store looks its best at the peak times of the day with full shelves in order to maximise turnover.

Merchandising Principles​

The following 5 merchandising principles are critical and need to be done 3 times (per the brand standards):

    • Fill it:  Stack the high and watch them fly.  Take great care throughout the day to ensure that products fill the displays and are correctly placed and in accordance with the planogram given to you.  In addition to this, ensure that products are in straight rows and are looking great in colour and shape.  When the store is quiet and stock levels are low, move products to the top shelves, rearrange the labels accordingly and clean the lower (empty) shelves.
    • Clean it:  The store must be clean at all times.  Displays (glass, shelves and trays) must be sparkling clean with no crumbs left lying in the cabinet.  Cleanliness builds trust and is critical to food safety
    • Light it:  A dark display makes the product look unappealing and will negatively impact sales.  Ensure that all display lighting is working at all times.  Also ensure that the store lighting is working and that all corners are the store are well lit.
    • Walk it:  Every day, ensure that you stand at the door at the front of the store and ensure that the bakery is a clean, well lit, well stocked and well labelled part of your business.  Ensure that the most expensive products occupy the most prominent positions in the displays and that the less expensive products are on the lower shelves.  Walking from the door to the display allows you to experience what the customer experiences.  If you are impressed by what you see, so will the customer be impressed.  This directly affects your turnover on an hourly basis.​​
    • Say it:  Customers eat with their eyes.  Make the purchase as easy as possible by using branded labels showing both the product description as well as the price for every product.  If the customers are unsure of what the product is or what the prices is they are less likely to purchase the product.  In addition to this, ensure that all promotional material is well displayed in the correct position in accordance with the brand standards.