1. Properties of a Brand Pie

  1. Golden Puff pastry:
    The brand pie features a golden puff pastry, which refers to a flaky and light pastry crust that has been baked to a beautiful golden-brown color, offering a delightful texture and appearance to the pie.
  2. Delicious and filling:
    The brand pie is known for its exceptionally tasty and satisfying flavor. It provides a fulfilling eating experience, making it a popular choice for those seeking a hearty meal.
  3. Rich savoury gravy:
    The pie contains a savory gravy, which implies a flavorful and indulgent sauce made from meat juices and seasonings. This addition enhances the taste and moistness of the pie’s contents.
  4. Local ingredients:
    The brand pie prides itself on using locally-sourced ingredients. This emphasizes the brand’s commitment to supporting local communities and ensuring freshness and quality in their products.
  5. 100% real meat (no soya or TVP.  Textured Vegetable Protein):
    The pie guarantees that it contains only genuine meat and excludes any use of soy-based substitutes or textured vegetable proteins. This assurance appeals to meat lovers and those seeking an authentic meat experience. 
  6. Buttery short crust pastry:
    Along with the golden puff pastry, the brand pie offers a buttery short crust pastry. This refers to a rich, crumbly, and flavorful pastry base that complements the filling, adding a delectable contrast in textures.