2. Equipment

  1. Oven:
    Ensure that your oven has been correctly calibrated and that, if the oven says that the temperature is 190 degrees then this is the true temperature of the oven.  Use your instore thermometer to help test (once per month) that your oven temperature gauge is correct. 
  2. Freezer:
    This needs to have shelves for storage as well as the ability to remain cold enough per the temperatures prescribed below. 
  3. Trays: 
    Baking trays need to be clean at all times otherwise the grease/ black colour will transfer onto the bottom of the pies making it into an undesirable eat. 
  4. Brush: 
    A silicone egg-wash brush needs to be used to apply the egg-wash onto the pies.  Ensure that this does not have any wood as part of its make up. 
  5. Bowl: 
    A small bowl or measuring jug is to be used to mix the egg-wash. 
  6. Whisk: 
    A clean whisk must be used to thoroughly mix the egg-wash before applying to the pies 
  7. Oven gloves: 
    Ensure that you have a set of clean oven gloves available to remove the baked pies from the hot oven at the end of the bake. 
  8. Pie rack: 
    There needs to be a trolley or a rack that is clean and always available to hold hot trays containing pies prior to them going into the pie warmer. 
  9. Pie warmer: 
    This is a piece of equipment that needs to be set at the right temperature (60 degrees Celsius).  Ensure that the entire glass is clean at all times, no crumbs left lying in the display and that the labels are always identifying the correct pie.