3. Pastry

Puff pastry:
is a complex product that is ‘layered’ and gives volume to the top of the pie.  It gives a ‘softer’ eat (different from short crust).  This pastry should be golden brown using our egg-wash recipe.  Very important as it baked at the correct temperature to allow the fats/ margarine / moisture to activate and create steam between the layers.  Microwaves will ‘melt’ the layers and collapse the puff structure and destroy the pastry.  This is a critical element of the pie and its eat-quality and the puff is one of the most visible parts of the pie to the customer. 

Short crust pastry:
is only used on foil pies as a base.  It is a stronger and more able to hold a runny filling with gravy.  It has more of a biscuit quality and has a different mouth-feel to puff pastry.  It adds to the diverse flavours of the pie by providing the customer with 2 pastry experiences. 

Pie filling.
 All the Brand pies have their fillings pre-cooked.  This means that when baking the pie, all the filling just needs to be heated and cooking is not required.  This means that the baking of the pie is just for warming the filling but the pasty needs to be fully baked.  There is one exception to this and that is the sausage roll which requires the raw sausage filling to be cooked during the baking process.